La Sportiva Finale Review

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If you are a beginner in climbing and you want quality shoes for your climbing journey that should work for both indoor and outdoor climbing then La Sportiva Finale is the best choice for you to buy because of its Reputation in the Climbing world that’s why we are providing you with a review of la Sportiva finale to clear all doubts about this and you will have no hesitation to buy this one.

It is especially for those people who have a low budget and they want comfort, support, and relaxation during the climb. If you have a budget of between 100$ to 200$ then these shoes are waiting for you.

If you are looking for the one shoe that provides you support on all types of Surfaces like slab climbing and crack climbing then La Sportiva is the perfect choice for you. It is a blessing that the shoes have all qualities and it works on all type surfaces truly, the La Sportiva is the blessing.

It meets all your needs as a beginner and also it works for the intermediate level climbers with its excellent quality/price ratio.

When it comes to long route climbing it can be a hard task for everyone because all the shoes not support in many cases because they cannot provide that much quality but this pair of shoes will provide all those qualities which you want in long route climbing.

The famous saying about these shoes is that It is the Jack of all trades and master of none that is the positive point of it because it works for you in all types of situations and any other shoe will not give you these types of qualities.

Lets’ go to the deep details of this shoes,

Rubber and Sole

La Sportiva Finale Review

Made up of Vibram 5mm Edge XS outsole For More durability and grip but the thickness of the rubber that is best on extreme multi Pitches which is the plus point of this shoe that makes it incredible.

Vibram Edge XS Rubber Compound is built for best and maximum performance for Entry Level Climbers on micro hold and extreme edging. It insure the utmost stability, rigidity, and support on a foothold in hot and cold weather by using its improved plastic deformation resistance that also increases durability.

 Vibram Xs Edge is a much harder rubber that allows for less deformation when it is loaded that provides you more stability and control. Adding, The Powering Technology is a small hole cut into the sole that limits stretch to only the back half of the shoes that are responsible for providing even more balance on micro edges.

The main thing of this shoe the sole of these shoes is resolvable if your sole will damage then you can replace the sole with a new one.

The Thickness of Vibram Xs Edge Rubber in 5mm gives you a stiffer sole and long-lasting performance that is the perfect choice for all-day comfort on long, multi-pitch routes and uneven surfaces. The edging and durability are made for maximum support.

 LaSportiva claims that It is the best possible rubber formula for technical edging. The XS Edge was developed especially for the La Sportiva and the production of TC Pro Climbing Shoes. The Rubber compound is exceptionally resistant to deformation on Razor Sharp and Extreme edging.

The Thin Midsole allows these shoes to be more Flexible. It has the 1.1mm lapsofix forefoot midsole that is thick and lightweight. The Midsole is made up of the P3 system that supports all the climbers when the shoe is not tight as needed.

The Soft Midsole and flat sole will help in crack climbing.


The Upper is made up of Micro fiber and pure leather that provide padding.Leather on the upper also provide you comfort and ease during the climb.

Shape of the shoe is similar as other climbing shoes but not as aggressive as other top shoes that are used in climbing.

The Toe box of the La Sportiva Finale is wider than other ones. It is true that this shoe is not very helpful in the jamming toe on the small cracks but still it is much comfortable than other climbing shoes that are not as wide.

Finale provides perfect breathability due to central perforated panel that is responsible for drying moisture from the shoe.

The Laces of these shoes are easy to untie when you use them for some time than after you can tight them to get a comfortable adjustment. Laces are long and they can be loosened down to the toe box. Then they are easy to adjust and You can take it off and on easily.

When you wear these shoes you can play with laces and tight or lose them on differernt surfaces according to your need to get the right fit.

The Heel

The heel of the La Sportiva Finale is made up of Solid Material that has a cup on it which provide you with much support as you want.

When you are climbing with the rope the heel support in much time when the toe box is not supporting.

The heel has a good amount of the rubber around it that increases your comfort during the climb. you can hold your full weight on the heel and it will support you and it never disappoint you.


Comfort is the main thing when you are choosing any type of shoe and it is as important in climbing shoes like other shoes.

In the Finale comfort is the feature that makes it more valuable in the climbing world. Climbing could take many days this shoe will help you in long periods on climbs with comfort.

Whether you are on a long moderate route or in the gym this shoe will be a partner of yours in all these conditions.

It is much high rated in comfort rather than other best ones because of its comfort. t is not a problem if you are narrow feet or wide feet it is for both of them they are not too tight for the wide feet but the narrow ones may take some more comfort.

If the shoe is uncomfortable because of tight-fitting of shoe most of the climber leaves them considering this the La Sportiva Finale is designed according to the need of climbers and this is easy to put off and on with its modern lace system.

The Semi Fluxed Design is very useful in all-day comfort of climbing and if you are a climber who climbs for many days on long routes then this one is the best choice for you.

For increasing your comfort as we mentioned earlier that the Vibram XS Edge 5mm outsole that provides solid protection and support. It also helps you with a High amount of durability for your comfort.

The edges of the shoes are much better than other climbing shoe models that are used by the beginner or entry-level Climbers.

your Feet is secured by the tensioned heel rand and which provides adequate grip on for bouldering that gives you a neutral and comfortable fit.