How To Clean Suede Shoes With Vinegar

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Nobody likes dirty shoes but it is difficult to maintain shoes clean every time. Shoes can get dirty in muddy places or on any other factors like working that makes your suede shoes dirty. There are many methods of cleaning suede shoes but vinegar is an easy and quick way to clean suede shoes. It will get 30 minutes or less to clean shoes and make them wearable. You want to know the full procedure of how to clean suede shoes with vinegar because you must have questions in mind like it can ruin my shoes or much more. But it is a safe way to clean shoes but if you follow our guidelines.

how to clean suede shoes with vinegar

Things Need For Cleaning Suede Shoes

  1. Use any brush and rub the whole shoes without water.

2. Get a soft cloth. Use any color of cloth but it should be soft because it can absorb the vinegar and give good results.

3. Now put vinegar on the cloth or use vinegar on one corner of the cloth. Using vinegar on one part of the cloth is highly recommended because it gets away vinegar from your hand. Also, you will be able to rub a cloth on the part of the shoes you want.

4. In the next step, Start rubbing the cloth on the dirty parts of the shoes. We recommend starting rubbing from the front of the shoes to the heel. It takes some time to rub the full shoe. Rub with full concentration and don’t leave any part of the shoes make your shoes clean and beautiful.

Now put shoes any place to dry them. Don’t use a drying method like fire or putting shoes in very hot temperature. Use the natural way to dry because it cannot damage your shoes.

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This is a short method to clean suede shoes with vinegar. We hope this short article is helpful to you. If you have any questions related to this article then don’t hesitate to ask by Contact Us page. We will answer you as soon as possible.