Best Weightlifting Shoes For Wide Feet

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Weightlifting is a common type of strength training that develops the strength and size of skeletal muscles. In weightlifting we use dumbels , weighted bars or weight stacks to makes muscles stronger. When we lift weights for different parts of the body and these weights make our body more fit and strong. But during weightlifting, our shoes play an important role for the whole body to stand with confidence. If you wear non-proper shoes having wide feet during that session then it will hurt your feet that cause many injures. That’s why you need the shoes with all features during the weightlifting which reduced the chances of injuries for wide feet people. As we are getting many messages about this. After that, we researched and find 5 best weightlifting shoes for wide feet that will surely help you.

best weightlifting shoes for wide feet

5 Best Weightlifting Shoes For Wide Feet

  1. PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM
  2. Reebok Men’s Legacylifter Cross Trainer
  3. Nike Women’s Free Metcon 2 Amp
  4. Otomix Men’s Warrior Weightlifting Shoes
  5. VS ATHLETICS Weightlifting Shoe II

1.PUMA Men’s Tazon 6 Fracture FM

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Puma is the global athletic brand that is making products for sport, lifestyle, and fashion. This industry delivers in sports-lifestyle footwear and accessories from 1948.

These men Tazon 6 have the sleek. streamlined silhouette with an ideal fit.The upper built up with the synthetic layers and mesh for providing breathability for a great in-shoe environment. They have perforation at the toe and quarter.

For providing the support, stability, and motion control through heel and midfoot, the TPU shank is used. The midfoot saddle offers maximum fit and comfort. They feature a soft foam comfort insole that adds cushioning and great support.

Puma men’s Tazon 6 has the EVA midsole that delivers stability against the foot. It is made of the material that endures all challenges and possible pressure that happen during weightlifting at the gym.

The grippy slip-resistant rubber outsole helps when you use at them outdoor on slippy surfaces. It also gives grip and traction during heavy training.

Lace-up closure fro the snug secure and custom fit. Additionally the padded tongue and collar for extra comfort.

2.Reebok Men’s Legacylifter Cross Trainer

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The Reebok Legacy Lifter gained the favor of numerous weightlifting aficionados. Some reviewers even claimed it to be a must-have shoe for proficient weightlifters looking to bring their game to a new level.

These Rebook legacy shoes are constructed with the perforated leather upper. Sole toward the toe box and mesh toward the ankle and heel for extra comfort and breathability.

They have the hard polyurethane Tpu heel that is lightweight. Tpu is used as the standard weightlifting shoes that are not constructed with wooden heel. It wide base with the heel cup that helps the ankle and foot to stay in place during maximal power and strength lits.

Two-foot straps are used with the laces for maximum lateral support. The first strap goes across the mid foot and the second is placed over the balls of the foot that allow maximum toe-off during weightlifting.

egarding the superior design upgrades that Reebok has made with the Legacy Lifters, but also how these shoes have become part of the movement for modernized, well-designed weightlifting shoes.

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3.Nike Women’s Free Metcon 2 Amp

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Nike Free Metcon 2 is comfortable women’s shoes designed for the weightlifting. It has an attractive design that is liked by many women.

These are the lightweight shoes that have the upper combining with mesh, a Tpu Strap, and the bootie. The mouth and heel are neoprene that helps to sock up a sweat during weightlifting.

The TPU material is paired with Nike’s Flywire filaments that add durability to the shoe which lasts throughout all tough workouts.

The midsole features dual-density rubber that rises high on the heel as compared to other Metcon shoes in the series. Foam midsole delivers the comfortable cushioinig where you need it and give stabilyt for heavy weightlifting.

TPU wrap from a midsole to the heel that offers the wearer support around the ankle and through the unique lacing system of these Nike Free Matcon 2.

Deep grooves along with the outsole allow the shoes to flex and expand in every direction for the light feel. The outsole offers great traction, grip, and durability.

They are available in 10 different colors that you can check on Amazon and get Yours according to your likeness.

Reebok Leagacy are eye catchy because they are well designed and modern shoes. They are availbe in 4 diffetn attractive desings and colors that you can check on Amazon.

4.Otomix Men’s Warrior Weightlifting Shoes

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Otomix is one of the popular brands for making workout shoes from 1998 and they have a great reputation in this industry. The Men’s Warrior is the gift for the wide feet that give a perfect fit.

These Ninja Warrior are the latest design from Otomix and this style is updated to the Stringray with the slightly wider toe box for those who are looking for the extra room.

They deliver extra Ankle support that takes the stress off from the ankles. Also, having ankle support takes the stress off from other areas of the ankles including the arch.

A Thin midsole sole of the shoes offers to cushion and give comfort to your feet during the weightlifting at the gym.

The outsole gives great grip and traction with the surface and this outsole is suitable for handling slips and maintain durability.

You can also wear them during boxing, bodybuilding, wrestling, Karate, cross-training, yoga, and walking. You will never get disappointed after using these shoes.

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5.VS ATHLETICS Weightlifting Shoe II

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VS Athletics is well-designed weight lifting shoes that are made up of fabric and leather that maintain alignment and proper positioning during the weightlifting.

These shoes are a mix of synthetic and mesh. The mesh is around the top of the ankle and tongue of the shoes. Mesh is used to delivering a high level of breathability to the feet and make them cool.

For providing extra security Vs Athletic weightlifting shoes have the two straps with the laces that are positioned at the lower and upper part of the tongue. It gives protection and a tight fit.

TPU heel is used that is a better option than the EVA type heel. Most of the serious weightlifter avoid EVA heel because of the performance of this TPU heel. They come with the one free VS bag in which you can carry shoes for the gym.

Hard rubber material at the bottom of the shoes that helps to uplift the weights, for better traction and grip.


There are a lot of shoes that are in the market and it can be a difficult task for the person who has not much knowledge about this. That’s why we find these shoes. These are the 5 best weightlifting shoes for wide feet available in the market that you can buy on Amazon.

We hope this article is helpful for you to choose the best one for you. If you have any questions related to this article then don’t hesitate to ask the question. We will answer your question as soon as possible.

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