6 Best Slab Climbing Shoes

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if you are passionate about climbing and then it comes to climbing on the slab then it is a challenging task for you. For this challenging task, you need the best slab climbing shoes to done this task because shoes play an important role in climbing for grip and support.

best slab climbing shoes

6 Best Climbing Shoes For Slab

  1. Five Ten Men’s Anasazi
  2. La Sportiva Men’s TC Pro
  3. Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym
  4. La Sportiva Men’s Skwama
  5. Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Lace
  6. La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoes

1.Five Ten Men’s Anasazi

The first in our list is Five Men’s Anasazi made in the USA which comes in contrast with two beautiful colors black and pink which look attractive when you wear it on your foot.

This shoe is 100% synthetic with the rubber sole which will make you comfortable during the climbing because with the rubber sole you will not feel the slab hardness on your feet and you will climb on it easily.

The rand wrapping around the heel of the shoe will help of it you will focus on the big toe of your foot.

If you want other types of climbing then this traditional lace-up on the shoe will help you to do it very easily because it also made for all types of climbing you want this is the best feature of this pink shoe.

These are bomber on slab and pure vertical climbing, where the footwork is technical involving smears and edging where you can’t even crimp. They also climb cracks very comfortably.

They can be a versatile shoe for all types of climbing, but it definitely performs better in slab climbing than others and other shoes perform better in other circumstances.

Keep this thing in your mind that this shoe will provide you the minimum stretch in the climbing because it is made up of fully synthetic material.

The decent textile lining on the shoe will help you in an unbeatable grip because without the perfect grip you will climb on the slab. We will recommend you get a shoe for your feet of the perfect because if you not the perfect size for you then it will hurt you during the climb.

2.La Sportiva Men’s TC Pro

We will highly recommend this shoe for climbing on the slab because this one has the best features in it and this is made by the world’s best mountain goods making company la Sportiva from 1928.

The Reason we mention brand names and their founded date because it will increase your trust in the product and we always recommend the best brands from the world.Now back to the topic

The synthetic shoe made of 4mm Vibram XS Edge Rubber contains leather on the upper side of it and the lining on it. New Vibram rubber outsole compound for excellent edging and the XS Edge compound holds an edge better on sharp micro edges.

it is designed to provide powerful, technical edging and crack climbing prowess without compromising. Thin padding in the ankle and above the toes will protect you from the cracks.

The toes flat fit is perfect for comfortable crack climbing and the ventilated tongue and lateral rand perforations promote air-flow.

It can be wearable by both women and men. This shoe comes in all the sizes which you want.it is from the size of 2.5 to 12.5 so you can select one of them according to your size.

Some people want to know that are these shoes have much stretch then the answer is these shoes not stretch more or less than other shoes. Overtime all leather subjected to the forces incurred in climbing will have some-how much depend on usage.

3.Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym

If you are looking for the best climbing shoe for slab without the laces then Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccassym is the perfect one for you. Many of the climbers like Chris Sharma and Dean Potter are seen wearing these shoes on many of their climbs.

You will comfortable for long days on cracks and slabs when you are climbing its rubber sole gives you full support on cracks and slabs on each step.whether you are climbing or bouldering they will give you full relaxation. Especially when doing climbs that require pressure or jamming of any kind.

These are made up of Breathable split-grain Leather which is suitable for this pair of shoes with a rubber sole for your satisfaction. The shoe is Resoleable when you are not comfortable wearing these shoes with the old sole you can bring a new one in them.

On the slab, the thing which increases its strength and sensitivity is Stealth C4 rubber. The ultra sticky outsole will provide you the best grip on every type of surface and also bring good edging.

After some time they will get really stretch. so, we will recommend you to choose tight and the small size from your other shoes.otherwise, they will get broken and quickly start to fall apart on edges.

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4.La Sportiva Men’s Skwama

Another one is from the Brand Le Sportiva.Full synthetic La Sportiva Men’s Skwama Rock with the contrast of the yellow and black color which is designed to fulfill the needs of expert climbers on elite routes and boulder problems.

if you are looking for next shoes to help you progress as a boulderer and or you want to climb on the slab, look no further. These are amazing shoes and they look quite nice as well

When the weight is applied on the shoes the Vibram XS-Grip2 sole allows the sole to spread and grab onto the tiniest edges. The new S-Heel maintains stability and enhances the adaptability of the shoe during heel hooks.

This shoe has protective ultra-sticky and soft rubber at the toe to get protected from abrasion. The toe has the perfect amount of stiffness to dig in while also being soft enough to smear relatively well and the main thing is that it will never get a slip these kind of thing make it one of the best climbing shoes for slab in 2020.

It is designed to perform with stability, flexibility, and precision on all types of surfaces that provide the balance of comfort and high performance. This one is also the best climbing shoes for bouldering. It is enough decent for all types of climbing.

This one is designed to fit differently from other footwear we will recommend you to see the size chart and images for accurate sizing when you buy this one on amazon. The fit should be tight, but not painful, and without pressure points.

5.Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Lace

This pair of shoes is made by the Brand Black Mountain which is making equipment of Climbing, Skiing, Hiking/Trekking since 1957.

It is fully synthetic shoes with laces to fit adjustability which is best for vertical climbing and it will provide you all-day comfort with Engineered Knit Technology upper provides exceptional breathability and comfort.

If you are a beginner or have much experience in climbing or if you want rock climbing or indoor rock climbing this one is made for you and if you are a beginner it will really enhance your ability to climb.

4.3mm rubber is built for durability with the soft flex sole will add comfort and satisfaction in your climbing journey and this one Shoe gives you exactly what you need to reach the peak.

The main problem with climbing shoes is choosing a size. Climbing shoes fit tight because that is the purpose, to provide a strong grip on footholds. You should buy a smaller size than the street shoes you wear in daily life when you buy tight ones that will hurt you for the first few days then you will get comfortable wearing these shoes.

The one question will be in your mind is how to wash these shoe so, if the shoe is dirty from tho outside then we recommend you to use a warm washcloth to wipe it off. If the shoe is just stinky from the inside you would spray it with shoe spray. If it’s just dirty on the inside you can wipe it out and spray it.

6.La Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoes

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Another shoe from La Sportiva that are popular for making high-quality shoes for all type of climbing. You will enjoy your slab climbing journey with these la Sportiva finale shoes.

The famous saying about these shoes is it is the jack of all trades and master of none.It is the positive point for you because it will help you in all types of situation during slab climbing.

Upper of the shoes is made up of micro fibre and pure leather that give padding and comfort during climbing on the slab. It provides you high level of breathability with its perforated panel that dry shoes when they get wet or sweaty.

The shoe are made up of Vibram edge Xs Rubber Outsole that will dilver you more duarbility and grip.Thickness of the rubber perform very well on the extreme pitches

Vibram Xs Compound built for providing best and maximum performance for entry-level slab climbers on micro hold and extreme edging. You will get great support, stability and rigidity on the footbed in all types of weather conditions.

The toe box is wider than other climbing It is not very helpful in jamming toe on the small cracks but still, it is much comfortable than other ones that are not wide as this one.

Heel is built with the solid material that has a cup and it provides you with much support.it has a good amount of rubber around it that will increase comfort and you can hold your full weight on the heel and you will never get disappointed. Read Full Review


These are the 6 best slab climbing shoes that are available in the market. We hope this article is helpful for you to choose the best one for you. If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us by using the Contact US page we will answer you in a very short time.

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