Best Climbing Shoes For Bouldering

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Bouldering is the form of rock climbing that is performed on small rocks formation and artificial rock walls without using ropes or harnesses. Bouldering can be done without any equipment but most of the climbers use climbing shoes for bouldering that will help to secure footholds and provide a firmer grip that helps to prevent injuries from falls. That’s why we researched and find 6 best climbing shoes for bouldering for both men and women.

6 Best Climbing Shoes For Bouldering

1.La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace Performance

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La Sportiva is one of the leading brands which is making high quality climbing footwear for a long time. These are the jack of all trades climbing shoes and comfortable enough for bouldering.

The Tarantulace is the unlined leather climbing shoe that has the asymmetric shape to deliver advanced performance. It gives great upper-end performance without hurting your toes. For providing great support and comfort to entry and midlevel climbers shoes has the leather overlay lacing harness.

Lined tounges on the shoes will help in moisture managament that help to dry out shoes when it gets wet or sweaty during bouldering. It is also comfortable next to the skin.

They are constructed from a high-quality material like 1.8mm laspoflex that is used on the midsole of the shoes.

These shoes have the 5mm FriXion Rs rubber outsole that will provide you good grip and stand up to regular use. This sole is best you want solid footholds and better sensitivity that is helpful in both indoor and outdoor bouldering.

The Tarantulance bouldering shoes have the quick lacing system that delivers a snug, precise and secure fit. They wrap the foot snugly for excellent support, fit and comfort.

  • Leather UppernMoisture ManagementnThe shoe can be resolednComfortable
  • Few User Complaint About Size

2.Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoe

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Scarpa Men’s Instinct is a flexible shoe that is made up of hard bouldering and sports climbing.

The entire upper of the shoes is build up with the Lorica synthetic leather that will give you a comfortable fit that won’t stretch out over time and you can use these shoes for a long time.

Minimal Flexan 1.0 mm midsole with floating big toe pad that will provide ultimate sensitivity during the bouldering.

Vibram Xs Edge outsole delivers incredible grip and durability added with the improved firmness for the most challenging edges moves. A snug-fitting and non-slippery heel that is helpful in all styles of sports climbing and bouldering.

The Vibram Xs Grip 2 will provide you with excellent friction with enough firmness that is ideal for moderate edging and slope holds. It will maintain the consistent performance of all condition and temperature.

These two-part soles will allow the fronts and back of the feet to work independently to deliver excellent traction of the difficult route of your bouldering journey.

The Rubber patches on the top of toes that will give you a good grip. Also the rand design position on the toes for excellent power on the holds.

The floating shoe strap that enhances the fit and provides power.

  • 100% LeathernAggressivenGood GripnSlip Resistantn
  • Expensive

3.Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe

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Mad Rock drifters are the lightweight and durable climbing shoes that you will use during the bouldering. The Mad Rock are making innovative and affordable climbing shoes from 2002.

Upper has the dull grain leather upper that will stretch over time for providing custom-fit to you. It will stretch according to your needs when you are doing bouldering that is very helpful.

They have medium stiff sole for the perfect middle ground between foot support and sensitivity with the neutral profile. That makes it comfortable shoe and you can wear them all day.

New Science 3.0 rubber sole is used in these shoes for great traction. This compound makes a special milestone for the Mad Rock Brand. This formula has much better characteristics than previous ones. It has more durability and high traction. New Science friction 3.0 formula is used in 3d Hooking heel and 3d Concave Sole.

The Split neoprene tongue that fastened with the two hook and loop straps.3D moulded heel with the cushy Eva will delver comfort and sung fit to you during the bouldering.

shoes are malleable enough to grab and bend the holes on the steep

Shoes are malleable enough to grab and bend holes on the steep. You will love these shoes because it increases their foot strength when you are bouldering on vertical platforms.

These are available in 4 different designs and you can choose one of them according to your likeness.

  • Versatile Shoesn3d Molded HellnSnug Fit
  • Size Issues Get your One By Research

4.Scarpa Women’s Force X WMN

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The Scarpa Women’s Force X WmN is an entry-level to intermediate climbing shoes that perform best on trad climbs,multi-pitches and bouldering with great comfort.

Upper has the synthetic lorica that gives durability blended with leather for the comfortable performance.

Padding in the heel cup of the shoes and the air mesh tongue that give the cushioned breathability. The V tension randing system adds more extra support to the front of the toes that create the minimum amount of pressure.

The luxurious padding to create shoes with unrivalled levels of comfort balanced with technical performance.

Tensioned rand midsole of Scarpa force X WMN will deliver underfoot support and focuses over the toes and forefoot as you weight the shoes.

Suede footbed and synthetic lining will help in maintaining the good fit. They feature a new cushioned heel lining that provides an increased level of comfort when you do bouldering for long routes.

Vibram Xs Edge outsole is used in the shoes to provide maximum edging support. It delivers excellent pure grip while adding improved firmness for the challenging edging moves.

You will experience the great fit and feel with the dual power strap closure of these shoes.

  • Great Underfoot SupportnCushioned Heel LiningnAll-day wearabilitynGood Fit
  • Stretch Up to a Half Size

5.BUTORA Women’s Endeavor

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IF you want to do enjoy bouldering with your buddies until sunset then Butora Endeavor is the safe choice for you to do this. This will bring your bouldering to the next level.

The Endeavor has the two face upper made of the german split leather that will help you in the moisture management and breathability. It is soft and more pliable. The synthetic in the front has stretch reducing PU Strips and odour resisting hemp lining that will help your great fit.

The 3d injection-moulded ABS midsole offer great precision edging and torsion rigidity to you when you are bouldering. It adds more underfoot comfort.

The split-leather footbed provides you comfort and great performance. Split leather has high abrasion resistance and it is more flexible than grain leather.

Butora NEO fuse sticky rubber is used on the outsole of the shoes that will help to hold on the rocks during your bouldering journey.

For providing a custom fit to the beginners to intermediate level climber these shoes have the triple fort webbing.

These shoes are available in half sizes from 5 to 15. The good news for wide feet climbers they are also available with a wide option.

  • German Split Leather nAntimicrobial Hemp Liningn3d Injected Midsole
  • No Colour and Design Options

6.Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Lace

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These shoes are made by the brand Black Mountain that are making equipment for climbing, Skiing and Hiking Since 1957.

If you are a beginner or expert in bouldering and climbing and you want to do indoor and outdoor bouldering then these are the best option for you. Also if you are a beginner then it will enhance your ability to climb and bouldering.

They are the fully synthetic shoes with the laces that adjust according to your requirements and It is best for vertical climbing. you will experience all-day comfort with the engineered knit upper that provides a high level of breathability and comfort.

The 4.33mm rubber is used in these shoes for providing durability with the soft flex sole that adds more comfort in your whole journey. You can also use these shoes for slab climbing.

Black Mountain Momentum fit tight because it will provide a strong grip on the footholds. You need to buy a smaller size than street shoes that you wear in daily life. we recommend to buy tight ones and it will hurt you for the first few days but after a few days, you will get comfortable with these shoes.

Whenever you want to wash these shoes when they get dirty we recommend you to use the warm washcloth and wipe it off. You can use shoe spray when they got stinky.

  • BreathabilitynSuper LighweightnFit Adjustability
  • One User Mention Knit Material Stretches Slightly Over Timen

Buying Guide

If you are interested to buy one of the best climbing shoes for bouldering then should need to look following features in your mind.


The pretension supports you on the wall and on the rock that will allow shoes to bring a lot of power even on the smallest kicks.

Climbing hoes should have pretension features in them but when you are just doing bouldering Then you should not choose too much pretension. Since you foot sin not flat on the ground and you should pay attention to a certain amount of pretension.


The downturn is known as curvature of the shoes. It is a curvature of the last in the toe areas of the shoes. A downturn is aggressive and shown even more performance. It can be only be found with bouldering shoes.

Bouldering shoes will get more powerful when they have a downturn and pretension. When you stand on your toes and if your shoes have a lot of downturn and pretension then you will get more strength on the kick and get more control.

Upper Material

Upper on any bouldering shoes should have good material. The traditional and more current models are made of leather. Advantage of these materials is for long durability. It entails a good wearing comfort.

But the material Loric is the new discovery for using on the upper of shoes. You will feel very comfortable on your foot but does not stretch the shoes as much as leather.

You can select the shoes that have one of the materials included for your bouldering session. Both the materials will be helpful to you.



These are the 6 Best Climbing Shoes For Bouldering that are available in the market that we researched and find for you. We hope this article is helpful in finding your best one for you. If you have any question related to this article don’t hesitate to ask your question. We will answer you ASAP.